ok well im back.

lately ive been trying to become a udoli. and so far its turning out great. Havent posted any pics on ning yet but that is A-ok, ill just post them here for my own entertainment then when i decide that im going to be un-lazy ill put them on the site :) well now im going to list the things i like, really antilike and why wordpress is 600^5.222125×10 better than blogger ^^.

Likes: arabesques, smiling, purple, scifi ( star trek. star wars. ganymede club.) comics . my town. gaia. cute stuff. fireflies. worms. koolaid. icepops. gel pens. my handwriting. monks. (esp. the dalai lama (the 14th)) feet, stars. tall people, short people, illusions,old people. architecture. music. dorks. cheezy jokes. sarcasm, that sleepy feeling, redbull ( monster too :)) being awake. blinking a lot. crossing my eyes, running, tennis. being weird. staring at people in cars. dancings. when my eyes water. WEML (hahahahaha) distressed jeans, writing, listening, BEING YOUR THERAPIST. ( dont forget our friday appointment at the dog park)

Antilike: excess !!!!!”s( seriously it makes me nuts!) the sound people make when they eat. when people pick pimples, brainwashing, Alzheimer’s ( it sucks that your brain cant stop yourself from betraying yourself.) which reminds me… I REALLY REALLY ANTILIKE CATCH 22S.

Blogger sucks because the interface is really stupid. and wordpress is easier and cuter so yep.

Ps. A note on the afterlife:

Idk about the whole afterlife thing but wouldn’t it be so cool if you could drift in space after you die, seeing distant galaxy’s and eventually coming out on the other side of a black hole or something? OR maybe you turn into a star or  galaxy! woah. There is a Tibetan saying ( well buddhist) that says infinite beings infinite buddhas. so Buddhists dont belive in the whole Armageddon thing? AWESOME! how do you know youve become a buddha? if any of you know  , enlighten me (no pun). bai bai! *waves*

<3 Cosmic urbi ? nerd80sdudder ?sacagaweayoyo

Australian designer Arabela Ramsay’s surf-rock collection had me at first glance. Its sprinkled with thin plaids and heavy wool fabrics. The unique shapes and exellent fit push it over the edge. She also makes the most beautiful jeans I’ve seen thus far! You can see the rest of the collection here.

Geometric shapes adorn the sweet jersey designs of Australian designer Gary Bigeni. Orange and Deep Blue are the primary colors in his High Summer ’09 collection. I adore the orange accented scoopneck top and the split blue and white dress/blouse. You can see the rest of the High Summer and Spring Collections here.

Watches are the accessories of the season and I thought these futuristic watches from Nooka and Nixon were perfect for a day in the sun. I especially love the way the Nooka watches display time. Gone are the days of  Digital or Analog time peices these watches tell time using dark lights behind shapes that represent minutes and hours. The Nixon watches remind me of the eighties with their bright colors and toy-like shapes. You can see the rest of The Nooka Collection here and the Nixon Brand collection here.

I love the spring/summer ’09 collection by up and coming shoe designer, Alejandro Ingelmo. Its full of bright snakeskin pumps and reworked classics. I especially love the patent gladiator sandals! The mens line has some funky iridecent kicks that glisten like diamonds. Check out the rest of the line here.

I first saw Steven Alan in the August issue of Teen Vogue and ever scince then I’ve been absolutley obsessed with plaid and simple shapes. They are best known for their lumberjack-esc button-down shirts that have since evolved to classy plaid tops and minimalistic dresses. They  have multiple locations in New York, California and Korea. You can see the rest of the collection here.

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